Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Domain and Weekend Update (3/31/08)

I finally switched the blog over to its own domain. Barefoot Plumies is now officially The old URL will be redirected but might be a good idea to update your bookmark. You'll also notice a new custom bookmark icon (supported by most browsers).

I can't believe that April is already upon us. Whew, where did March go? Not too much to report on the weekend except that 4 of my old knives are now very sharp (sharpened using the Edge Pro Apex)!! They are not krazy keen, paper slicing sharp but sharper than they've ever been. But I did get the Wusthof Grand Prix II santoku paper slicing sharp! I'll work on the rest since now there's a standard to compare to. That was pretty much the whole weekend. Hope you had a good one. Have a terrific week.

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