Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Something in the Water

Uh, ever read a headline and think to yourself "wtf???" I just read one from Reuters a few minutes ago: "Tap water chemicals not linked to penis defect." It's not the water itself that they thought caused birth defects (as far as we know) but rather the chemicals used to treat the water. Lucky for those Arkansas boys that it turns out it wasn't the water the mothers were drinking. Or at least nothing substantial to prove that it was the cause of hypospadias, um... a, um... you know. But extensive exposure to tap water (drinking, bathing, showering) still may have some cause and effect. AND this is just more evidence of why I don't support recycled sewer water initiatives. If left the choice of only bathing once a week for not having to recycled sewer water coming out of my tap, I'll opt for the stinky choice. Hell, if the French can do it, so can I! The Mister might mind but my dogs will still love me all the same! And I don't really care what my coworkers think about me (maybe even some of the more annoying ones will stop bothering me).

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