Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shhhhh, Don't Say Anything

There is one fast rule that I abide by when having a conversation with people other than the Mister: I don't discuss religion, politics, or sex. No negotiations. I do, once in a blue moon, discuss politics with some family members but those conversations don't usually last long. And with the presidential election coming up soon, some people have the urge, nay, feel they have the obligation to discuss politics, which sometimes lead to religion, then ultimately to sex. But not me.

Reason? I find most people are pretty steadfast with what they believe in when it comes to all 3 topics. And it doesn't matter what I think or someone else might say, we will continue believing what we did before the conversation started. And besides, I hate ending conversations with "You're in an idiot [or some other epithet that pops into my head]."

Another reason is that the people who like to engage (seek) discussions on either or all of these subjects have almost a bible-thumper mentality about their views. I don't know if these people just like to hear themselves talk or pontificate to try to prove how smart they are. But it won't matter what anyone else says (if they even have a word in edgewise), these people will go on and on, usually with illogic and purblindedness. And in some (most) cases, I walk away thinking less (or "even less") of that person.

Besides, let's just admit it. Lately, I've had a pretty low opinion of the "general" public and I hate being so pessimistic. If given a choice, I'd rather "look on the bright side" of things, maybe even a little Pollyanna if I can stomach it. So in an almost self-preservational way, before you open your mouth, shhhhhhhh. Let me walk away into the sunset with the illusion that maybe you are smarter than you look and that there might exist some form of intelligence, how ever small and alien, in that cave of yours you call a brain. And what a beautiful sunset it is.

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