Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Ramblings

Just a quickie today. A couple of weeks ago, I made French Chicken in a Pot, a meal that was a bit too much food for 2 people. I decided to use the leftover in chicken sandwiches for lunch the next day. Some fresh baguettes from Panera Bread that morning was just the thing I needed.

The Mister had a plain sandwich, chicken, lettuce, mayonnaise, and mustard. I wanted a little something more interesting and thought roasted red bell peppers would be nice. After rummaging through the pantry, thinking I had an unopen jar but didn't, I settled for something a little different using what was in the fridge. Skipping over the stacker pickles and guerre cheese, I opted for goat cheese and pickled beets with some lettuce. Here's the concoction.

Not the most delicious sandwich I've made but it was interesting. It probably could have used mustard but that might have overpowered the goat cheese. Maybe some Ranch dressing or even EVOO and balsamic vinegar would have been nice. Or maybe some sliced peppercinis to give it a punch, but then so would have roasted red bell peppers. Oh well. Nice thought, poor execution, and even poorer stock. But at least we used up the leftover chicken.

And now for something completely different...

It has been 5 months since I've worked on a quilt project. Talk about losing the bubble on something. The last quilt I made was this one for a friend's new baby girl (guess what the baby's name is??). The picture is just of the quilt top that sat there for 2 months waiting for me to get off my rump to finish (sheesh). Since finishing this, I have yet to start my next baby quilt for another friend who had a baby girl a few months back. So I'm posting this, hoping it will motivate me to start planning it and getting it done before that baby goes off to college. (Any bets out there?)

Go ahead, razz me. I need that proverbial kick in the ass. it Friday yet?

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