Friday, January 4, 2008

It's Miller "Amp" Time!

That's Amp Energy Drink. Although the Sabres lost the Winter Classics during shoot-out, Ryan Miller certainly has been making the rounds in commercials (a good thing). This funny commercial ran during the game and it's especially funny to me since Miller is trying to "yo' momma" in Mandarin. Apparently they spelled out the phrase phonetically for Miller, and it took several takes before he got it (no, really?). Not bad for someone who's never spoken a single word of Mandarin. In all honesty, I still don't understand what he said in the last part, I think I hear onion and cry but couldn't tell you what the rest is. Anyone want to translate for me in pin yin??

Postscript: I listened to this a few more times and I think I finally know what Miller is saying. First part sounds like he's saying it in Mandarin, which would be in pin yin, "Ni mama hao chou, yang-cong ye ku le." But he's annunciation of the last part is "ye kei lei,", which sounds like Cantonese (which I don't speak).

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