Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Update

Hope everyone had a good long holiday weekend. I cooked a bit over the last 3 days but as my modus operandi, I didn't take any pictures of the dishes. I thought about it, but was just too lazy to go hike upstairs to get the camera (I make it sound like I'm climbing a mountain or something). There was one dish, however, that I'm going to wait to write about another day because it was the surprise hit of the weekend and I want to include at least a picture of it. So you'll have to wait on the write-up of sweet and sour dry-fried style pork spare ribs. The Mister put in a request for a double order of these, which means I'll have to make it soon. Other than that, just some simple but tasty dishes: tako (octopus) sunomono, ahi poke, guacamole, Buffalo style wings, grilled filet mignon with zesty fries, and lots of Fudgcicles and Lychee sherbet.

Have a wonderful week! Now go and eat well.

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