Friday, February 6, 2009

Monday on No Reservations - Food Special

The actual title of this special is "Food Porn." But I didn't want to add certain words in the title to try to minimize the uh...unwanted hits, if you know what I mean.

Tony will be joining Eric Ripert, Alan Wong (yea!), Martin Picard and other world renowned chefs to share some of his favorite examples of what he likes to call food porn. Those of us who read food blogs and/or blogs about food know what he means.

In this special episode, Tony presents an XXX selection of all that's lip-smacking and luscious in the food world. Dishes featured on the show range from crispy pork skin tacos, steaming pho (can't wait to see what kind of pho he gets), hot & drippy cheese based dishes, serious chocolate and of course, a pig feast. As Tony says, it's 'just filthy.'

Are you ready for still-squirming octopus tentacles, the dirty "business end" of a warthog, codfish sperm, or the bitterly juicy eyeball of a freshly-killed seal, there are some dishes around the world that provide disgust for some, yet immense gratification for others? You better because that's what we'll be seeing. But whatever it is that tickles your fancy, it can't be denied that food and pleasure go hand-in-hand.

Tune in Monday, February 9th at 10pm EST for this food special on No Reservations on the Travel Channel.

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