Friday, November 9, 2007

New Food Blog Links

Aloha Friday! Every year around this time, my brain switches into a more heighten state in regards to food. I know, you're asking, "But CAB, how is that possible? Wouldn't your head, like, explode or something?" Apparently not but I do get even more food obsessed. My inner chef and baker are both fighting to come out around the holidays. I spend more time searching food related sites and I download more recipes during this time than the rest of the year.

And with that, I have added a few new food blog links to my list on the left. I've also separated out the food blogs from all the other sites. So what's my criteria for adding a link? If it it's a food blog and there's food that I enjoy, I'll read it for a while and if I go back often, I add the link. If the food blog makes my stomach growl, it's a shoo in. If it's funny, and I visit often, then it gets added.

The one I added today is KauKau Time! Blame Reggie for posting his aunt's Thit Heo Nuong - Vietnamese Pork Chops. Dang, I'm really hungry now. The other one I added today is The Tasty Island. This is a recent find as a by-product of my hunt for a good Saimen recipe. I love all sorts of noodle dishes, soup, stir-fried, pasta, deep fried, on and on... So it's not a surprise that I had to add this to my list.

I really have to get on the ball about posting pictures of my meals lately. Just last week, I roasted up a beautiful standing rib roast that was almost perfect. It wasn't perfect because I miscalculated the prep time and wasn't able to do the slow cooking technique that I usually use. But it was still delicious and tender, which made for great leftovers. I'm planning on doing another rib roast for New Year's so I will make a mental note to take pictures for that one.

Okay, enough talk about food without pictures. I'm just counting down the time for lunch. Have a terrific weekend! Now go and eat well.

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