Friday, November 30, 2007

Flood Warnings Issued for San Diego

The rain is a good thing because we need it. But rain is a double edge sword after all the SoCal wildfires. The National Weather Service issued a flash-flood watch for all but the desert portions of San Diego County. It's been raining pretty steadily all morning throughout SoCal. According to, Palomar Observatory recorded 1.14 inches of rain by 9 a.m., the Oceanside airport had 0.82 of an inch, and Lindbergh Field had 0.36 of an inch.

Flooding has already been reported on portions of Interstate 805, Interstate 5 and Interstate 15. DRIVE CAREFULLY AND AT A SAFE SPEED! And for Pete's sake (and everyone else's) TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS when it's raining and visibility is decreased! I can't tell you how many dark cars wizzed by me on my way to work today that didn't have their lights on. These morons were driving at least 10 miles over the posted speed limit, in heavy down pours at times, in dark cars. It's no wonder there's been more than 60 crashes reported to the California Highway Patrol, including vehicles running off the roads and spin-outs, since

San Diego County officials said they planned to place Reverse 911 calls to residents in areas at risk of flooding and mudslides. If you are in an area that is susceptible to flooding or have had recent fire damage, you might not want to wait for the Reverse 911 call. According to Channel 8 News, residents can get help to prevent mudslides by going to one of five locations in the county.

1. Valley Center County Road Station, 28565 Cole Grade Road, Valley Center
2. Ramona Road County Station, 116 5th Street, Ramona
3. Dulzura Fire Department, 17304 Highway 94, Dulzura
4. Fallbrook Ingold Baseball Fields, 2551 Oliver Hill Rd, Fallbrook
5. Rancho Bernardo Local Assistance Center, 18448 W. Bernardo Drive, Rancho Bernardo

You can also find more information from San Diego County's Fire Recovery webpage:

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend! Remember it's Aloha Friday!

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