Monday, January 19, 2009

Tony Bourdain - No Reservations in DC (Preview)

The Mister and I have followed Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations for several years now (it's a standing record on the dvr). Some episodes were very entertaining while a few were um, kind of like watching a reality show of blunders and bloopers and where-no-to-go's. Still interesting but not sure if that's what Bourdain and the producers had in mind. Okay, maybe that's what the producers had in mind but sometimes it seems like Bourdain asks himself if this was really worth it to be famous.

So why 2 posts about Bourdain in a week? Apparently I have been selected to receive weekly "exclusive information and videos for the upcoming episode" from someone at Travel Channel. I know there are a lot of Bourdain fans out there and I thought those might be interested in seeing some of the previews.

Tonight's episode (Monday at 10 pm ET) Tony heads out to explore the city of contrasts – democrat vs. republican, affluent vs. poor, visible vs. invisible. His visit to Washington D.C. doesn't stop at the U-Street Corridor, the International Spy Museum, nor the D.C. Central Kitchen – he also makes his way to hotspots in the outlying areas of Arlington and Falls Church.

According to Ingrid at Travel Channel, the DC episode is unique for a number of reasons; he finds pleasure dining at the home of the world's greatest chili dogs (Tony agrees), where President-elect Obama just visited, digs deep into the spectrum that is D.C., home to dozens of different cultures and languages, and meets a number of interesting famous and non-famous people along the way. Of all the episodes, I think some of the best ones are the ones at home, well, and those of Asian (love those ones).

Other than the show, I have enjoyed Bourdain's blog but I don't know how many people actually read the show's crew blog. I find these pretty informative as well as entertaining since I get sense of what it's like working on show like No Reservations. But then again, I'm also someone who will spend countless of hours taking pictures of my food, baking my own bread and straining cooked pumpkin pie filling.

Okay, enough of my idiosyncrasies. Here's Bourdain's (hehe).

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