Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crazy Crazy Days

Yes, I've been a bit neglectful of my posts. But I have an excuse, a really good excuse. A few weeks back, we had some water damage in the house that required a major bathroom remodel. Whole room got gutted. If there was ever a time to be thankful for home insurance, this sure was one of them.

Nonetheless, it still has been a headache. In the midst of all this, we also decided to put down some hardwood (laminate, actually) flooring in one of the bedrooms. What crazy DIY bug bit us, I don't know but we piled it on. So the house has been in an upheaval state for what seems forever and slowly getting back to normal, sort of. At least we're done with the flooring and hopefully by this weekend, I'll have my office back (the Mister exercised squatter's rights), computer back up, and back to normal posting.

With everything so chaotic, not too many interesting things on the food front. We tried to go to Poway Sushi a couple times for an early dinner but guess they are so popular now that unless you get there right when they open (5 pm), there will be at least a 30-45 minute wait. We even got there at 5:30'ish one evening and there was already a 45 minute wait. I don't have much patience these days so we drove over to Buga Korean BBQ and we were happy. This reminds me that I have yet to do an official post on Buga with pictures and all.

Plans for these weekend, use the Thai Fried Chicken recipe on chicken wings and tweaking Brownie #4 recipe (been in a bit of brownie withdrawal).

Hope everyone is staying healthy and eating well.


Sawyer said...

was wonderin what was goin on. lookin forward to your next post. glad to hear all is well!

Barefoot Plumies said...

Thanks Sawyer! All's well but a little crazy. I'll be happy when things are back to normal.