Friday, August 31, 2007

It's Labor Day Weekend!

Aloha Friday, everyone! And to boot, it's a long weekend, a doubly woohoo! To me, Labor Day is kind of the hump to the holiday season. There's Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, Christmas in December, and rounded out with New Year. In a blink of an eye, the year will be over.

A little bit of trivia about Labor Day. We can all give thanks to the Central Labor Union for starting this holiday. It started in 1882 as a day off for the "working man" and was made a national holiday by Congress in 1894. Today, it's regarded as a day of rest, similar to other countries' May 1 Labor Days. It used to mark the end of summer for kids (that dreaded first day back at school on Tuesday). Now, it marks the nearing end of baseball season, the start of the football season, and personally, a step closer to the start of hockey season (righteous!). Typically, families get together on Labor Day for family BBQs (ya!) or some other food festivities. When I was a kid, Labor Day also meant the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon dominated the weekend television (yes, kids, there was a time when cable and satellite TV didn't exist; and we also walked 10 miles each way, in the snow, to and from school, barefoot).

Labor Day also means autumn is just around the corner (ah, cooler weather). It used to mean that you shouldn't wear white anymore but according to the fashion world, it's hip to wear white nowadays. So put on that white sweater and wear it proudly.

Have a terrific long weekend. Stay safe, cool, and eat well. See you all on Tuesday.

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