Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Little Rattling in San Diego

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend. Hopefully you weren't one of 500 that were part of the craziness down at Pacific Beach yesterday. Apparently quite a few drunken fools at PB had to go ruin Labor Day with a beach brawl that required 70 police officers, some dressed in riot gear, to break up. At least 16 people were arrested on charges of public drunkeness and fighting. Yeah, booze + stupidity will always equate to trouble. Oiy.

Hey, did you feel the small tremor this morning in San Diego? It happened around 7:47 am this morning. I was sitting in my office when the building shook just for a second or two. The windows didn't rattle much, just a quick jolt. Kind of like when a big wheeler goes over a big bump and rattles the ground. According to signonsandiego.com, it was centered in the Channel Islands, about 11 miles west of San Diego and seven miles southwest of La Jolla. No damages have been reported yet. Hope y'all are okay.

I'm really looking forward to some cooler days trending for later this week. We're looking at low 80's by Friday inland but forecast has the temps going back up next week. Let's hope they're wrong and this cooling trend continues. Although by next Friday, I'll be on my way to Honolulu for a long weekend. Looking forward to it. I'm in dire need of some new Aloha attire.

Sorry not too much to report on today. It was just too hot this weekend to be out and about. So the Mister and I were hunkered down inside. It was kind of a Halo weekend. A few movies were on tv. Blazing Saddles was on and we watched it uncut in HD (HD is the bomb!). They just don't (or can't) make movies like that anymore. Also watched Shawn of the Dead. Which kind of led us to watch Hot Fuzz last night. What a real disappointment. Had a few funny moments but mostly, it was long and boring. It tried really hard to mimic the humor in Shawn of the Dead but just couldn't manage to capture the same quirkiness. Paddy Considine (Dead Man's Shoes) was in the movie too as one of the Andes.

I did celebrate Labor Day, a day of rest, literally by not running at all. As a matter of fact, didn't run at all. I do plan to run today, and I sure need it after this past weekend. A quick "run" down of food from this weekend: kalbi (of course), potato salad, egg salad, ice cream cake, Chinese water dumplings (yummy!), rice porridge with rousong. That's about it. Oh yeah, I also had a Wonder Bread rousong sandwich. Yeah, I know, a non-eventful weekend. But those are sometimes the best kind. Now go and eat well.

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