Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Snowing in San Diego??

Yuppers. It's snowing in parts of San Diego county. Parts of Hwy 8 have been closed and vehicles are being re-routed due to snow. Don't believe me it's snowing? (Especially all you freaky global warming folks?) Check out the pictures at SignOnSanDiego. Sheesh, the weather people had forcasted days in the 80's for this week. Uh huh. So...if they can't even get the weather right from day-to-day, how can they say that the science of global warming is settled? As a matter of fact, some experts have said it's more likely that another little ice age is coming.

Sorry, this isn't about the fallacy of humans causing global warning, nor about ill-informed celebraties who jumped on the bandwagon after watching Al Gore (another ill-informed, energy sucking weasel) win an academy award and the Nobel Prize for a sham. (Hey Sheryl Crow, how's that 1 square of toilet paper working out for you? Oh, right. It was a joke. Funny how people conveniently use the joke excuse to cover up what an IDIOT they are!) And Al Gore can never give back his Academy or his Nobel Prize award because it's all going into paying for his last year's utility bill. Maybe he'll be able to get a nice penny on eBay for that Nobel medal to help pay this year's utility bill. But I digress. Back to the lovely winter wonderland we know as San Diego.

It was chilly yesterday! There was some slushy sleet (is that redundant?) coming down when I went to lunch. Brrrrrr. I was hoping that the snow would make it where I lived but no such luck. Boo. The dogs said boo, too. It's suppose to warm up a whopping 5 degrees by mid next week, and then right into some more showers until next weekend. Sun would be good since the Silver Bay Kennel Club is holding its annual dog show at Del Mar Fairgrounds on Feb. 23-24. So be there or be...somewhere else.

Have a wonderful and dry weekend! Now go and eat well.

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