Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sabres Trade Brian Campbell to San Jose Sharks

Well, it's final. Brian Campbell did play his last game as a Sabres last night. He's now officially with the Sharks. Rumors were true but the writing was on the wall. At least the front office didn't do what they did with Chris Drury and Daniel Briere and got something for Campbell. Let's just hope that Steve Bernier as a first-round draft pick of San Jose in 2003 turns into something really good for the Sabres. The trade was Campbell and 7th round pick for Bernier and a 1st round pick.

So how do I feel about losing Campbell? Worse than losing Briere (sorry Danny) but not as much as Drury. Campbell has seasoned into a very talented player over the years with the Sabres. He's someone who the team can count on. Enough said, now Campbell is the past, like the others, so I'll focus on the future.

Bernier could be a good thing since according to the Mister, the Sabres are starting to run out of young talent from their once fully stocked pool. Having pulled up so many in the past few years, they do need to replenish the young talents. I watched some of the Sharks game footage and Bernier has good speed and decent puck handling. He's been doing pretty well with the Sharks, showing some good instincts, so I've got my fingers crossed.

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