Monday, February 4, 2008

NE Patriots SUCK! And the World Knows it!

Apparently my disdain for the NE Patriots is shared not by a few but many thousands, hundred of thousands people even. It's not that I like the NY Giants (unless you're talking baseball years ago, and yes, I am an SF Giants fan, and yes, I know they suck). As a matter of fact, I hate the Manning brothers. Hey, I live in San Diego. Remember the little stint the snot-nosed, just out of diapers Eli pulled when he was drafted? Yeah. Well, okay, I wasn't all broken up about that becaues I don't like the Chargers. Yeah! I said it! I don't like the Chargers! Got a problem with that?!?

Anywho, I hate the Manning brothers more than I dislike the Chargers, but most of all, I hate the [insert colorful phrases here] NE Patriots, Tom Brady (aka skanky man whore), and Belichick (aka Beli-cheat, who is a wannabe skanky man whore but he's too ugly, too old, and too fat) with every single ounce of fiber in my body. I hate them so much, I was cheering and rooting for the snot-nosed kid. And when it's not football season, every once of fiber in my body is devoted to hating the Boston Red Sox. Yeah, hate them too. Hate them!!! What's even worse are the stereotypical NE Patriots and Red Sox fans. Bunch of whiney, self loathing bunch of [insert more colorful phrases here]. Want to know what kind of fans they are? Read this. My stomach was hurting from laughing after reading it. And you know what? That isn't far from the truth.

Oh, got a joke for you. What do Yankee fans and Red Sox fans have in common? When the Yankees lose the pennant, they blame the Yankees organization. When the Red Sox fans lose, they blame the Yankees organization.

Oh yeah, I was talking about football and how the Patriots SUCK! What poetic justice it was last night, although it would have been better if it was someone else other than a Manning. But beggers can't be choosers. Seau, why don't you just retire, for good this time, okay? Go run your restaurant or something. You are NOT going to win a Super Bowl. Just accept it and go away. Guess it serves you right for hugging and celebrating before the game was really over.

And speaking of celebrating, to show you what kind of sportsmans the Patriots players are, those [insert really colorful phrases here] were talking smack on the field to Giants players, telling them it was all over and even had the balls to invite Giants players to the Patriots Super Bowl Championship party afterwards. Right, you mean the one where only the sound of crickets can be heard?

Just for the record, I don't watch football anymore, primarily because of dickheads (oops, that slipped out accidentally) like those on the Patriots team (and Pittsburgh, and a few others). Football is becoming what the NBA has become, a punk's game. Enough said, I'm going to go watch some hockey. At least those guys show some sportsman-like conduct by calling each other out before taking off the gloves. PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE!

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