Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Few Bad Apples DO Spoil (It for) the Whole Bunch

Today is definitely a rant day. Can't help it. Too many stupid people out there. A couple of things have me wound up so tight that I'm having a hard time blogging. Today I am an Angry CAB! And the keyboard is feeling the pain from the pounding. So just a fair warning, when I get into these moods, I go off, I mean really go off. So there will be some explicit content and mature themes in today's blog. (Earmuffs, children)

To those idiots who said the Labor Day riot that occurred in Pacific Beach was "not a big deal" or that the tactics the police used were "unnecessary," I want you to look at the guy who was kicked and punched in the face and head more than 30 times by a bunch of people. I want you a--holes to stand on the side of the police while a mob is throwing rocks, cans, bottles filled with sand, and other crap at you. I want you hooligans to stand in the middle of that mob with your little sisters and brothers, your 80 year old grandparents, and your kids and wives. Tell me, do mace and pepper shots seem "unnecessary?" I can guarantee you that would have been the most conservative approach I would have taken. A little collapsible baton to the knees and arms. Yeah, that would do the trick.

And for all those out there that oppose the ban of alcohol on local beaches, you can thank these morons for blowing it. These jackasses have now given those who want alcohol banned the perfect reason to push it through. Hey, I don't go to the beach let alone drink on the beach so I don't give a rat's ass. However, I do believe in people who abide by the law should enjoy certain privileges. And I think every single one of those jackasses that contributed to the riot (not those who got caught in the middle of it) should be identified, named publicly, and charged. Hell, I would even attend the public flogging.

Now let me rant about the next topic, which has me steaming more so than the stupid PB riot. I have refrained from commenting on Michael Vick because my idea of a punishment for Vick would entail stripping him naked, sticking a raw electrode up his heinie so he can feel what those dogs felt before they were electrocuted to death. Then douse him with gravy, strap lunch meat to his balls, and lock him in a room with 5 pit bulls who have not been fed for a couple of days. And then, to top it all off, throw what's left of him into a pig pen (kind of like Wu from Deadwood, eh?). And while I'm at it, I would throw in Whoopi Goldberg and Jamie Fox along with him. Isn't that what they do in the South, the deep South?

Give me a f*cking break. Let's say for f*ck sake that we put aside Whoopi's excuse about his "cultural" upbringing, and Jamie Foxx's excuse that Vick didn't read his superstar handbook on "what not to do as a black star." Let's put any kind of morality and cruelty to animals aspect aside. Instead, let's focus just on the legality, shall we? The law is pretty clear cut, more so than the morals or upbringing of a person.

So Foxx believes Vick didn't know it was illegal (yeah, right). Last I checked, Vick was born and raised in the United States of America. Not some 3rd world country. Not some lawless country. He is a US citizen by birth. He graduated from high school and attended Virginal Tech. He isn't some poor schmuck that didn't finish 3rd grade. And above all, let's not forget in our country (God bless America), ignorance of the law does not excuse; ignorantia juris non excusat. Nothing else needs to be said beyond that.

The deep South, Whoopi? Not sure if everyone in Virginia wants to be categorized as such. Michael Vick is a nice guy, Whoopie? What kind of nice guy thinks it's okay to torture and kill dogs? How nice would you think he is if he had that prode up your heinie? Keep the shock value confined to your comedy schticks. Michael Vick is not funny, or a nice guy. Perhaps you feel some pressure to up one on Rosie on your first day and I can assure you it worked. You have succeeded in proving you are just as crazy and f*cked up as Rosie. Of all people, you should have been the one up in arms about what he did, considering your campaign for animal rights. But instead, you so easily forgave Vick and bought his lame excuse at the first uttering of mea culpa.

In my opinion (and I'm always right), Vick is a dumb f*ck idiot. My opinion has nothing to do with race, sex, education, or upbringing. Just a dumb f*ck human being. Why Darwin's theory hasn't taken its toll on him yet is beyond me. But I believe in karma and he'll get his in the end, one way or another.

And really, just how racist is Foxx and Whoopi? Do they really resent being African Americans that much? (Oh wait, Whoopi definitely does. Why else would she have encouraged her ex-boyfriend, Ted, to go blackface and help him write racists jokes about her?) By their words, they are saying that dog fighting is acceptable among the African American of the "deep" South. They are either stupid, ignorant or racist. Okay, they are all three. It is, unfortunately and disgustingly, prevalent in other areas of this country and cruelty to animals know no race.

And let me remind everyone that cultural upbringing is not an acceptable excuse in this country. That is why rapists who were molested as children still go to jail when convicted. That is why those who live in the US who beat and kill their women because it's their custom still go to jail for murder. Hell, I can go on...but won't (was that a sigh of relief I just heard?).

There are no acceptable excuses for any of these people, Vick or his excuse makers. Vick is a horrible human being with no sense of American morality. And the only reason why these people can say what they say is because they benefit from the freedom of this country (no, America Ferrara doesn't know what she's talking about because she's a stupid, ignorant, c---. Don't even get me started on her.). God Bless America.

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