Thursday, September 27, 2007

Halo 3 Tops Biggest Entertainment Launch

Yup, we knew this was going to happen. Microsoft announce at E3 this year that was the goal. And with Halo 3 launch, Microsoft should be in the black with a $170 million in opening-day sales just in U.S. I'm assuming those numbers also include the 1.7+ million preorders (one of them being mine!).

E! News called Halo followers cultish...okay, I can accept that. But Halo trilogy, IMHO is more than that. I've talked about Halo 3 with a couple of people from work who have never played it. One of them told me she heard a whole segment about Halo on NPR. Even Mr. Harumph talked to me about it, but leave it to him to add a little dig how some of his friends "wasted many hours" playing that game. Those who don't play Halo or video games have a hard time understanding our love for the game. But how is this different than those who are really into sports? A recent study has shown that people (mostly males) spend at least 8 hours each week on their fantasy football leagues. And they spend all weekend watching games and managing their teams. What about all those folks around the world who are football fanatics (soccer to those in the U.S)? What about all the craze over a new movie? It's all related, just different venues.

Anyway, I'm really excited about this Saturday, my 3rd Halo party. Good food, good company, shooting friends and talking trash, ah, doesn't get better than that. It's also suppose to be a nice weekend in San Diego, too. Now if I can just motivate myself to run today...

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