Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Hockey (Pre)Season!!!

Whoop! Whoop! It's hockey season!!!! Finally. Not sure I can take it, hockey season and release of Halo 3...

So from now until June 2008, there's going to be some hockey talk on this blog. A co-worker mentioned to me yesterday that he watched hockey once and it reminded him of watching soccer or baseball. I'm assuming he meant it was boring and/or slow. I would have agreed before the 2003 strike. I used to watch it every now and then with the Mister (a Buffalo Sabres fan) but after the Stanley Cup lose in 1999, I kind of lost some interest, partially because the games were a little slow for me.

But since the strike, rules have changed and the hockey that I know today is much faster, higher scoring, and much more exciting to watch. As a matter of fact, it's the only sport I watch consistently now (no, Iron Chef America doesn't count). NHL Center Ice, baby! (even better in HD!) Occasionally, I still watch a football game since the Mister (still) has NFL Sunday Ticket. But for me, it's all about hockey (punch 'em in the face!).

Okay, that's a story I have to tell, quickly. The Mister took me to my first NHL hockey game back in 2005 (LA Kings vs. San Jose Sharks). It was awesome! We've been to the SD Gulls games before when they were still in San Diego but the Mister said it was nothing compared to an NHL game. He was right. I started to get into hockey after the end of the strike (watching the Kings on tv) so he thought it was time. Now I'm a hockey fanatic. Oh yeah, the story.

So at the game, there were these guys sitting a couple of rows in front of us and one guy would yell "hit 'em in the face!" really loudly every now and then. It was quite funny and needless to say, the phrase became an inside joke at home.

So anyway, good news today about one of the Sabres players. Teppo Numminen is recovering from a successful heart surgery (his third). That's very good news. It would be great if he will still be able to play another year, well, he is considered as one of the "old" guys.

I'm eager to see what kind of lines Ruff comes up with. I certainly expect a different kind of play this season without Briere and Drury. But that could be a good thing. God, I hope it's a good thing. Also want to see how much Vanek and some of the other guys step up. Maybe by January we'll finally stop reading and hearing people talk about the missing co-captains (including myself). They're the past, let's move into the future, okay? Okay!

I also have tickets for 2 games for when the Sabres are in So. Cal. They are making a trip to CA in December to play Anaheim Ducks (2007 Stanley Cup champions) and the Kings. We're going to both!! It's going to be a road trip so I guess I also better get a list of some places to eat while we're up there.

My brand new Sabres jersey is hanging in the closet, the Mister's is hanging right next to mine. Waiting for the first game to break them in, which will be 2 weeks from today (Friday, Oct 5, 2007). Neighbors, better put in those ear plugs and close those windows cuz Momma is going to get loud! Bring it on, baby!! Whoop, whoop!!

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