Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fun Quizzes for Tuesday

I'm still not able to find something of interest to blog about and trying to stay away from headliners such as the sky is falling, the Earth is swallowing us up, we're all going to die of dehydration with eminent, civilization-devistating droughts, blah blah blah. Instead I thought, why not have a little fun with some useless trivia?" The Mister is a master of this kind of trivia. Amazing what he can pull out of his...sometimes. As a matter of fact, together as a Cranium® team, we are a killer team. My artistic skills, especially with that blue Playdo-like substance, is a great compliment to the Mister's cavernous well of trivia knowledge.

Click here for a short Movies Quotes quiz, which I scored a measely 10 out of 13.

I did even worse on the Famous Quotes questions (7/12).

I did better on the Misquotes Quiz but it's really a test of grammar skills. Guess that would only be a B.

How about a Stranger than Fiction quiz? I got another whopping 8/10.

And of course I had to take the Dog quiz. And of course, I scored the best on this quiz, 9/10. I didn't know the name of George W's dog.

You can try other quizzes from the main page. Have fun!


KirkK said...

My favorite?

The Fitzroy river turtle (Rheodytes leukops), native to Australia, has a highly vascularized (lots of blood vessels) set of sacs (called bursae) at the end of its cloaca (or digestive/urogenital tract) that allows it to take in oxygen through its backside, as well as through its front.

In other words, it can breathe through its butt.

LOL! I think this is what the guy in the restaurant in Cusco was attempting to do....

Barefoot Plumies said...

LOL, that one was funny! Maybe the bursae can be a secret ingredient on the Iron Chef America.

Maybe that's why that woman he was with never flinched. "Oh that? It's just his deviated cloaca." LOL!