Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Still Don't Feel Like Blogging

Actually, it's because I had to get a root canal and I'm just kind of blah. It was really just one root canal that had to be cleaned because it was a missed canal from a molar that had one a quite a few years ago. Odd how that one lone root survived so long. Then when it went abscessed, it went with a bang. Had to go on antibiotics to get rid of the infection, sheesh! So that's the latest drama in my life, hehe. It was just more of an annoyance than anything else. Having to chew only on one side of the mouth was the worst. If you haven't had to do that before, try it for awhile and you'll know what I mean.

So, vacation stories will have to wait until I'm in the mood. Also, I've got 3 quilt projects that I'm trying to complete. One of them is a baby blanket for an ex-boss' new baby girl. That's priority. Another one, which I haven't even started planning, is for an expected baby girl of a friend. But that one isn't due for a few more months. Yup, exciting isn't it (oozing sarcasm here, folks).

Oh yeah, the Mister and I tried a new sushi place in Poway for lunch on Sunday. It was new to us, although we don't know how long it's been in Poway. It's called Poway Sushi Lounge. Two of the owners used to work at Sushi on the Rock so we figured we'd give it a shot. You can review the menu on their website. It was pretty good. We got the sashimi combo and it was good. Let's see if I can remember everything on it: maguro, hamachi, salmon, I think mackerel, and seared hamachi, which was interesting.

We also tried the ichiballs, which were good, too. I ordered the Centipede roll and it was just so-so. The spicy tuna in it had a kick but other than that, it was missing something. We also ordered the tako sunomono and it was very good. There was 3 kinds of seaweed and the tako was okay, slightly on the chewy side. But good flavor overall.

I noticed that they have happy hour Monday-Friday and offered a range of sake martinis. I had one in Kauai and wasn't a fan. But happy hour might be something fun to try. Overall, we'd go back and we won't have to drive too far. Oh yeah, service was great and the people were very friendly. Lunch with sodas totaled ~$50 without tip. About average for us.

I told the Mister that I want to go to Sammy Sushi this weekend. It's been on my list for awhile now. And now that the Mister has his taste back for sushi, I've got to exploit it while I can!

Have a great week, everyone. Now go and eat well.

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